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ganguro's Journal

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Welcome to the Ganguro community! Where you get the chance to meet other gyaru and/or fans of gyaru fashion in Japan. Although we are aware that trends come and go, there is always that somebody out there that wants to try to keep it alive. Members here are from different countries or ethnicities. The gyaru-kei trend has spread out through the world and girls everywhere try to live the lifestyle of the original Japanese gyaru. Japanese gyaru should be flattered that these girls look up to them as being their fashion idols. This community is to discuss gyaru-kei related topics

For those completely new to this, we have pictures below to show you the general difference of a gyaru and a manba. Even though there are many types of subgroups of gyaru, these are the most common in this community.


(Egg model, Ka~tan)


(From left to right. Egg models: Natsumi Yoshida, Maya Koganei, Hiromi Endo)

1) Excessive drama posting. I mean...do I need to say more? 5 posts in a row of plain drama will be deleted. There's no need for five posts, just have one post and then you guys can bash each other in that little post. Ok? Thanks.

2) Image Cropping. People have slow computers/modems, whatever. It needs to be in a LJ cut. If its more than one picture and if it's bigger than my computer screen.

3) Attitude. If you cant take having someone give you constructive criticism in your face, then please, just leave. Because people will do it here. If you post a picture, don't think you're Miss Perfect. Im sure people here can tell when people are being just plain rude and others will point out things that maybe you should improve or change. Take it or leave it.

4) Sales. Selling stuff within the comm is fine as long as it is GYARU related and not spam. Gal brands and magazines, ect. are loved. Fruits/decora/egl/japan/emo/raver junk is not.

With that said. If you have a major concern or problem with this community the current moderators are jungleroco (Jo-tan) and frankenstain. Take it to them and they'll try to help you.

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